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Mothers Day Gifts Ooh, are you looking to sing praise to your mother? Do you want to show her how much you love her through some shiny-beautiful jewelry? Of course you do. This jewelry room is dedicated to our mothers. For the way they've nurtured us, for the way they love us...and also for the way they (sometimes) drive us crazy. (Sigh) Yet through it all, I know you and your mother have a special bond. How about we find something that'll totally make her day, week— maybe, even her year!
Life is full of crazy, wonderful, sweet, and sad moments; and too often you forget them. That's why I was born. I'm the Personalized Black...
Tree of My Life Necklace personalized Belle Fever 1
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$54.00 $84.00
$54.00 $84.00
When you have a big (or growing) family, you need a necklace like me. I'm the Tree of My Life Necklace . I'm a unique...