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Extras Oh hello again, I see you're back for more jewelry. I'm so excited! Welcome! It's so nice to see you. I guess you're here because your family grew and you need some new charms to represent the newbies? Or are you looking for another piece of jewelry to add to another Belle Fever design? Even if it's 'just because', come right in because this room has so many gorgeous pieces to add to your already made design. Shall we find something together?
ADDITIONAL Feet 12mm for Cant Be Replaced Necklace collage Personalized Belle Fever 1
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$14.00 $19.00
I’m footsies, a quirky and cute charm. I’m here to remind you of your little one(s). They may at times run havoc in your life,...
Life is a series of special moments and you should celebrate them. How? Glad you asked. By wearing me on your wrist every day. I'm...
Missing Heart Charm for Keyring
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$10.00 $19.00
$10.00 $19.00
Is there someone you love that you're missing? I'm the Missing Heart Charm. People like to gift me to the one's they love who aren't...