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Weightloss surgery & the need to be spoikt

Hi everyone my name is Bec and I had weightloss surgery 9 months ago. I created a Facebook group to document my journey for friends and family who were interested in seeing how I was going.
With days I had a following of over 200 people most of who I didn’t know and today I have 2 seperate Facebook pages and an Instagram page with more then 3000 followers.
Why??? I have no idea lol…but I’m told it’s because I’m honest, I’m raw and I’m not fake. I share my fears, my slip ups and my stuff ups with everyone. And I try hard to look after my members by posting recipes for free, having giveaways and giving the best advice I know how.
How does Belle Fever & Becs Brutally Honest have anything in common I hear you ask? Well as someone who used to weigh 108kgs at 5”1 I had NO confidence, NO self esteem and I was ashamed and embarrassed of myself so I never wore jewellery. I didn’t think I deserved to look pretty. I never put myself first because I didn’t deserve it and I know most of the members on my page feel the exact same way so I would love to spoil them all of them but if it has to be just 1 then that will do.
I have written a cook book filled with recipes to help those who have had weightloss surgery which is due for release on 22/2/2019 I would love to give one lucky person the chance to feel spoilt, worthy and know that without struggle there is no progress. Which is what I’m hoping to get from Belle Fever a bracelet that reminds the lucky person every day that WITHOUT THE STRIGGLES THAT WE FACE EVERY DAY THERE IS NO PROGRESS xxx