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As humans, we are so quick to adapt to change, even though at first it might seem overwhelming. When my daughter first started school online, she struggled just as much as I did. After some time, we got used to it, and she started to enjoy it while gradually opening up and interacting with classmates and her teacher online.

Having homeschooled my children for almost 4 months, one positive was not having to rush around the clock and being able to have breakfast with them each morning. Since things are opening up and my kids will be heading back to face-to-face school in a week, my daughter has been telling me that she feels excited, nervous, and a little sad.

Personalised Bracelet

In times when I feel nervous or scared, my personalised bracelet serves as a reminder of my strength and courage. I have gifted a number of these bracelets and they have helped many others as well. Because she already wore a few bracelets, including charms we made that she drew of our pets, we decided to put the same message on the Jess necklace so she can remember this moment and know that she is strong and courageous.

Jess Name Bar Necklace

Are there any special messages, quotes or words that encourage you? Tell us about them 😊