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Something old, Something new ✨

When it comes to a wedding day, what is it they say you should have? There should be something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

In the same way that we add special moments to our lives, our Floating Dream Lockets help you build the story of your life and add to it. In addition to that, they provide comfort to the bereaved and are a meaningful way to keep someone close to your heart. On several occasions, we have created Floating Dream Lockets that carry a charm inscribed with a photo or name and are attached to the bouquet of a bride's flowers. This is one of the special ones we helped create 💖

Floating Dream Lockets

Open the Floating Dream Lockets to add additional charms or other keepsakes. Some have placed photos or hair inside.

Floating Dream Lockets

Belle Fever is the only store that offers personalised charms for Floating Dream Lockets.

Our Floating Dream Locket charms will help you tell the story of your life and capture the moments that matter to you. 

Floating Dream Lockets

Tell me about the charms that you'd like to have in your locket to tell a story.