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A Connection Made 💖

How have your school holidays been? Since my daughter and some of her best friends will be attending different schools this year, she won't have as much time to catch up with her friends.

Whatever the circumstances, goodbyes are always difficult. Among my daughter's 5 best friends, they came up with the name "Shrimp" for their group (I don't know how they came up with the name), but they wanted a name bracelet with their group name and an emoji charm that had all their names inscribed on the back. Here's how it turned out 😀

Name Bracelet

Our team has also designed and created many other necklaces over the years, including the Triple Heart Puzzle Necklace set, which we created in 4, 5 and 6 pieces as well. In the past, we've even customised this design for customers who requested more pieces. I believe the most pieces we have designed was 9 at one point. 😱

Triple Heart Puzzle - Three Personalised Necklaces

Get in touch with us if you have best friends and are looking for a way to stay connected. We can help design jewellery pieces that will be customised with your names and messages.