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How Can I Get Rid Of Acne And It's Scars?

Gently exfoliate with our detoxifying cleanser, which removes dead skin and assists in distributing essential oils deeply into your skin. Using a gentle, non-beaded exfoliator twice a day can deep cleanse your skin and treat acne while also being gentle on your face.

Enca Acne Clearing Set

Make sure you wash your face regularly with Enca's Detoxifying Cleanser. Avoid using soap or cleansers that contain soap and alcohol on your face, as they are too harsh and can aggravate acne. With our cleanser, you'll get much better results as it is specifically formulated for any skin type and age group.

Enca Acne Clearing Set

Enca's Acne Taming Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated while treating acne without being too oily or harsh for those with sensitive skin. While it seems obvious, many people with acne-prone skin forget or avoid keeping their skin hydrated due to oily skin.

Enca Acne Clearing Set


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