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Round - Cremation Charm For Moments Bracelet

Round - Cremation Charm For Moments Bracelet


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Saying goodbye can be really tough. I totally get it. And I'm here for you. I'm the Round - Cremation Charm For Moments Bracelet. I'm here to keep your loved one close to you and always in your thoughts. No matter where you travel in life, a small piece of them can be with you. Inscribe their name or date on my canister and make me something you'll cherish for all time, wear me proudly on your Moment Bracelet


Volume : 1 to 3mm³ / 0.1 to 0.3cm³

Thickness : 8mm

Width : 15mm

Height : 15mm


*A funnel kit is included to assist with placing ashes inside the canister 

Included Luxury Display Wallet

Did you know that a gift isn't really a gift unless you wrap it? Wrapping matters. You've invested your time to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your friend, family or loved one so we have included a luxurious royal purple display wallet to gift your special jewellery.

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Upgrade To A Gift Boxes

Everyone loves a little box. No matter if they're a man, woman or child. Young or wise. Every single person loves a little box—especially when it contains luxury jewellery. So here's where I come in. You pick your favourite piece of jewellery to gift and add me to your cart. Your gift and my luxury packaging makes the surprise so much sweeter!

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