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Gifts For Daughters Daughters. You're either one, or you have one. Or maybe both. Daughters are a special kind of human, aren't they. They can be very particular about their style of jewelry. Often it depends on the age, doesn't it? However, if you've stepped into our Gifts For Daughters room, you obviously have an important celebration to mark and some heartfelt words to share with your loved one. Take a look around. Everything you find here was designed with daughters in mind. You can inscribe names, messages and dates on most of these selections. Click on a piece, and if their story speaks to your soul, take her home.
Life is full of crazy, wonderful, sweet, and sad moments; and too often you forget them. That's why I was born. I'm the Personalized Black...
Name Necklace (Birthstones Optional) Belle Fever
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$39.00 $54.00
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ahh, wasn't Shakespeare such a romantic?! It's...