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Here is a hint on what is coming 🤫

Hey there! I hope you've had a wonderful week. Do you remember what I mentioned in my last blog about how we have been working on exciting new initiatives? I expect to launch the first one this coming week *squeal of excitement* 🤗

This could give you a clue while you wait for the email next week...

Many of our customers are sometimes at a loss for words, even I have such moments at times. It can be difficult to inscribe the right words or the perfect "forever message" on a pendant as we procrastinate to be sure it says what we really mean. For this reason, we have some set inscriptions that can describe how you feel. Take the Carry My Heart Necklace, for example...

Carry You in My Heart Personalised Necklace

Belle Fever also allows you to add more customisation to your design to make it truly unique to you. These designs are made as gifts for special people by our customers. Mixing your names and messages onto your jewellery or even adding a charm is a touch of love that someone special can physically hold on to as they wear it.

A customer wanted to remind a mother every time she felt overwhelmed or struggling that she was strong and that her children and angel were representations of that strength.

While another wanted to remind his other half of the importance she holds for him and how much he loves her.

            My World Necklace

PS: Stay tuned for a special announcement and a freebie next Friday 🤫