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Take on the world like Beyoncè 🌏

Have you ever felt high one day and then low the next? You are not alone in experiencing life's roller coaster of events and emotions. Recently, I was having a low day, I felt demotivated, everything seemed to go wrong and one time or another you will always feel like a failure as a parent when you have teenagers.

To symbolise the Highs and Lows of life, there is an Arti pendant design for that...

Highs & Lows Necklace | by Arti

An Arti card message comes with each Highs and Lows necklace and reads:

"Each day, we trust our hearts to navigate the light and shade of what lies before us. Some days we’re Beyonce—conquering the world. Others, we fall into a ditch, graze our knees and curse inanimate objects. It’s called being human. The contrast teaches us to appreciate the highs and lows. This design is a reminder to embrace each moment wholeheartedly with a smile (and some foot stomps), for everything is transient."

Highs & Lows Necklace | by Arti

As you wear your Highs and Lows necklace or give this design as a gift, remember that life's moments are filled with highs and lows and to embrace each of them, grow from each of them, and let each of them shape who you are.