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More than just Jewellery

I consider movies to be my number one form of entertainment. The Fault in Our Stars is my favourite movie that I have watched well over a dozen times, and I have cried every time.

I have been thinking about a quote from the book mentioned in the movie by John Green, where Augustus says, "Pain demands to be felt."

Undoubtedly, the world is experiencing so much pain, from the inability to see family, to the uncertainties, to just the pain of life in general. 

The father of one of our team members passed away overseas two days ago. Without being able to be near him, saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things. And for us, having been in lockdown, the most challenging for us as a team is being there for him in this time as we try to console him from a distance.

We sent him a Sympathy Hamper and created him a Memory Tag as a keepsake of remembrance for him to place some ashes inside when the time comes.

Memory Tag Personalised Cremation Necklace

I know that, for me, wearing the ring my grandfather gifted me helped me remember the wonderful times I shared with him after he passed away. His ring was more than just a ring; it was a design he chose, one he loved, and one he had personalised with his own words. I am sad that he is gone, but I am grateful that I was able to share some treasured memories with him.

During this time you might feel lonely when going through pain, but you are not alone. You won't have to be a customer or purchase anything to connect with our team. If you do not have a support network, we are always here to listen and not judge. It has been an honour to build so many friendships with our customers and non-customers, and we will always be here to listen. Trying to be kind to others is important, as we don't know what is going on in their lives.

Can I ask you a question? Are you okay?


Australia's Most High Rated Personalised Jewellery - 100% Love it! Guarantee
Australia's Most High Rated Personalised Jewellery - 100% Love it! Guarantee


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