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Know this about name necklaces?

When was the last time something was specially made for you? I first created a name necklace as my first personalised jewellery piece. Your first piece remains with you forever, and I fell in love with it.

The collection of name necklaces we offered expanded over time as we started experimenting with ornaments, crystals, and styles.

Besides having my first child scanned with a 3D ultrasound, I also captured a section of the heartbeat in a name necklace that I wore and layered with my own name.

Name Necklace

In time, I redesigned my name necklace by adding a crystal in the centre and the Belle Fever B logo to it and left the cross charm on it.

Additionally, my daughter received her first name necklace with unicorn ornaments and crystals in her favourite colour.

Custom designed and handcrafted to meet your specific requests, you can choose between fonts, ornaments, crystal birthstones and even add a charm of your own.

Are there any first name necklace lovers among your friends and family? If you need a preview made of your design, we can do it for you at no cost :)