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If you love handwritten notes ✍️, you’ll love this

How are your handwriting skills? In this day and age, we hardly write handwritten notes or use our handwriting that often. Can you relate? I certainly can.

As such, when a customer sends me their handwriting to be inscribed on their jewellery, I enjoy looking at the different handwriting designs and how they appear on the designed jewellery. Look at this gorgeous Interlink Necklace, for example...


Handwriting is a great way to capture a piece of someone's journey, since it gives you a glimpse of their personality. They may have written a letter and message or they might have written their name.


If you would like to cherish a handwritten note in the form of jewellery or if you would like jewellery to be created with your signature or message, you have come to the right place :)

Among the pieces we have created are necklaces, keyrings, rings, and bangles that are truly individualised for each customer.