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Drive Safe 🚘

Have you got a child who will be old enough to drive this year? When they are on the road, how do you handle all the anxiety and worry? 😱

Having just turned 16 this year, my son got his learner's licence a couple of months ago, and every time he is driving I can't help but worry. When he leaves, I remind him to drive safely and pay attention to his surroundings. When he gets into the car, I remind him to adjust the seat and mirrors. I think he's getting tired of my reminders.

So I decided to make him a Travelling Keyring so that he will either remember why I worry or will remember to drive safely every time he sees it. Hubby even carries one 💖

Travelling Keyring

One of the great things about the car charm is that it can be switched out for another transport vehicle from our collection, or even made custom, right down to the make and model of the vehicle. 😊