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Can I ask for a tiny favour? 🙏

What do you think of it? Here's what just happened! We have just updated our website and after several sleepless nights fixing technical issues and incompatible features, it is live now 🤩

I do have a teeny tiny favour to ask. As I have seen the new design every single day for the last few months, I need some fresh eyes to give me honest feedback. Since I value your opinion, I would love it if you could simply browse through it and let me know what you love and what you would change about it. I would be so very appreciative.

Belle Fever

Please share a copy of your feedback with us.

While you are here, in the news, you may have heard that postage delays are expected during the holiday season. Several areas are beginning to see this now and while there is still 72 days until Christmas, if you have a time-sensitive present, I recommend you start shopping early at your favourite stores.