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A new addition celebrated with a charm 👶




As a gift to our father for my sister's second child we gave him a Personalised Leather Bracelet and had a charm for each of his grandchildren with the baby announcement as a charm with the due date. Upon hearing that he was going to be a grandfather again, he was absolutely thrilled.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

My sister recently gave birth to a son named Grayson, so my dad has a charm that is inscribed with Grayson's name so he can replace the charm on his bracelet.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

The reason my sister loved this design as a gift for dad, as do many other customers, is that it can be worn by men and women; it can be made from black, brown or white leather, and it can contain charms of any tone.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

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