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Calendar Photo Keyring

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Calendar Photo Keyring

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The day your child was born your life changed forever. They became the centre of your world. I bet they still are, no matter how much they've grown. I'd love to be the one who represents the love you feel for them. I've made space on one of my faces for your favorite photo of them. On the other, I've drawn up a calendar so you can put a big love-heart around the day they were born. Let me be the keyring that reminds you of this moment in time. Add me to your cart.



Thickness: 1.5

Width: 33mm

Height: 30mm

Included Luxury Display Wallet

Did you know that a gift isn't really a gift unless you wrap it? Wrapping matters. You've invested your time to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your friend, family or loved one so we have included a luxurious royal purple display wallet to gift your special jewellery.

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