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Eternal Family Personalized Necklace

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Eternal Family Personalized Necklace

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Throwing a stone into water has a ripple effect and so does family. You are all forever bound by eternal love. My three tone ripples are here to remind you of your bond. No force outside of you can ever break this bond. Family comes first. Inscribe the names of your favorite human beings on my eternal necklace, it'll keep them close to your heart.



Thickness: 1.5mm

Height: 43mm

Included Luxury Display Wallet

Did you know that a gift isn't really a gift unless you wrap it? Wrapping matters. You've invested your time to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your friend, family or loved one so we have included a luxurious royal purple display wallet to gift your special jewellery.

belle fever luxury wallet
Upgrade To A Gift Boxes

Everyone loves a little box. No matter if they're a man, woman or child. Young or wise. Every single person loves a little box—especially when it contains luxury jewellery. So here's where I come in. You pick your favourite piece of jewellery to gift and add me to your cart. Your gift and my luxury packaging makes the surprise so much sweeter!

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About Belle Fever

100% Love It Guarantee

When you first lay eyes on your personalized custom made jewelry piece, we want you to fall in love with it 100%, so you can be confident when shopping with Belle Fever. If you are not 100% in love with your jewelry, we will work with you to find solutions to find a way to make it a design you love 100%.

365 Day Warranty

From when you design your personalized jewelry piece, until the time you receive it, our service to you does not stop there. We have a 365 day warranty that covers production defects and workmanship.

Free Tender Love & Care Package

The Belle Fever's TLC Package is an addition on top of our 365-Day Warranty and offers you assurance of future protection for your valued purchase for repairs, resetting or cleaning. We give you a free complimentary 6 months cover but you can upgrade to either our 1 year or 3 year package.

Hypoallergenic & Non-Tarnishing Materials

Say goodbye to tarnished silver jewelry with our exclusive Monel Silver formula. It's both anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic. If you have acidic skin but love silver jewelry, then our Monel Silver is exactly what you need. With similar properties to titanium, it's highly durable and contains no nickel or lead so it won't leave your skin aggravated.


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I Do Love It

OMG!!! I got my parcel :heart_eyes: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :heart:️

I do love it, thank you again! I have already recommended you ladies to so many friends who will be placing orders soon :slightly_smiling: I’ll be placing another order soon.

I Love It

Got mine for my birthday. I've worn it every day since. I love it

I absolutely love :heart:️ my

I absolutely love :heart:️ my necklace and so does my mum. She wears hers everywhere. Thank you sooo much :blush:

I love my necklace too

I love my necklace too bits. It is so special. I unfortunately got it caught on one of my tops and lost the join.. looking forward to having it repaired as I have worn it everyday since receiving it..

The customer service was outstanding,

The customer service was outstanding, they made every adjustment to my mum's eternal necklace when ordering ...I loved it and mum loved was perfect and the delivery was really quick...thank you, will be definitely ordering from Belle Fever again when needing a special gift:sparkles: