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Puzzle Necklaces Have you got a BFF? You know, a 'Best Friend Forever'? This room is the perfect place to find a puzzle piece or matching necklace to symbolize your special bond. Whether that connection is with your sister, mother, friend or another family member you can find a necklace that'll speak to their heart. Click around. Talk to the puzzle pieces. No, we're not crazy. They've each got a story to tell you. So get chatting and see who's the best fit!
Triple Heart Puzzle - Three Personalized Necklaces
35% Off
$64.00 $99.00
Puzzles are so much fun! Especially when they're your own design. I'm the Triple Heart Puzzle Necklace. I'm three personalized necklaces that when put together...
Missing Piece Keyring Necklace Set - Gift Box Included
27% Off
$54.00 $74.00
Hello, I'm so glad our paths crossed. I heard you were searching for a unique jewelry set that you could share with your loved one....