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Photo Necklaces Imagine being able to take your favourite family photo and have it imprinted onto a necklace? It'd rock your world, right? Well, that's what I'm here for. You can choose your most cherished photograph and the Belle Fever designers will imprint it on my sleek disc surface. You'll never wear a boring piece of jewellery again!
Personalized Memory Photo Tag Canister Necklace 1
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$39.00 $49.00
A photo often says it all, and I would love to help you commemorate your loved one. I'm the Memory Photo Tag Personalised Cremation Necklace....
Heart Photo Canister Gold Personalized Belle Fever 5
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$49.00 $69.00
With time, we start to forget the smile, the sparkling eyes and the loving face of those who have since passed...I was created to ensure...