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Photo Jewelry Step right in. Show me your favorite photo. Aww, that's beautiful. I can understand why you want to keep it close to your heart; you know, on a piece of jewelry that you can carry with you everywhere you go. In this space you can choose from necklaces, keyrings and lockets that we can customize with your favorite photo. These pieces are sweet and sentimental gestures for family and loved ones. And while you're at it, get yourself one. You deserve it.
Personalized Memory Photo Tag Canister Necklace 1
18% Off
$40.00 $49.00
A photo often says it all, and I would love to help you commemorate your loved one. I'm the Memory Photo Tag Personalised Cremation Necklace....
Heart Photo Canister Gold Personalized Belle Fever 5
42% Off
$40.00 $69.00
With time, we start to forget the smile, the sparkling eyes and the loving face of those who have since passed...I was created to ensure...
Love Forever Photo Necklace
32% Off
$54.00 $79.00
$54.00 $79.00
Family is one of the best things in the world, isn't it? I think so. That's why I think you and I are perfect for...