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Name NecklacesHello! What's your name? It's a pleasure to meet you. Come this way my friend. I know you want a necklace that has your special someone's name inscribed...Or maybe you're looking for a new necklace for your own collection with your name. Whatever name necklace you're after, no matter what language or characters, I'll handcraft it myself. You just pick the design you like and I'll create it for you. Take a look around. I've got lots for you to choose from.
Name Necklace (Birthstones Optional) Belle Fever
28% Off
$39.00 $54.00
$39.00 $54.00
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ahh, wasn't Shakespeare such a romantic?! It's...
Classic Infinity Name Necklace (Birthstones Optional)
25% Off
$44.00 $59.00
I'm Infinity. I'm here to be a glistening reminder of the people you love. You just tell me the names of those dearest to you...