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Moments Bracelet Charms Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm in charge of these luxurious 'Moments Charm Bracelets'. They're so sweet and fun. They're perfect for gifting to someone because you can inscribe them with a heartfelt message and the charms you choose imbue it with sentiment and meaning. So come on, tell me what you need and let's create it together.
Walking Angel Charm For Moments Bracelet Belle Fever 1
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$19.00 $29.00
$19.00 $29.00
Have you got an angel in your life? A friend, partner or relative that brings so much joy to your life that sometimes your heart...
Your pets are the best. They make you smile when you're down. They adore you no matter how you look, your stage of life, or...
Saying goodbye can be really tough. I totally get it. And I'm here for you. I'm the Round - Cremation Charm For Moments Bracelet. I'm...