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There are times in life when we experience loss and we need to remember those loved ones that we have lost. Memorial and Cremation Jewellery by Belle Fever is jewelry designed to remember a loved one. The pieces are designed to be worn or displayed to keep that person in your heart and mind. The jewelry is made from a specially formulated material by Belle Fever that is hypo allergenic, does not tarnish or fade, and made to last a lifetime. Start creating your personalized design to capture the memories of a loved one and bring comfort in a tangible way.
Angel in My Heart Necklace
22% Off
$54.00 $69.00
$54.00 $69.00
Have you got an angel in your life? A friend, partner or relative that brings so much joy to your life that sometimes your heart...
Memory Cremation Necklace
30% Off
$62.00 $89.00
$62.00 $89.00
It's hard when we have to say goodbye to the one's we love. I'm the Memory Cremation Necklace and I'm here to remind you of...
Personalized Memory Photo Tag Canister Necklace 1
18% Off
$40.00 $49.00
A photo often says it all, and I would love to help you commemorate your loved one. I'm the Memory Photo Tag Personalised Cremation Necklace....