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Dream Locket Necklaces & BraceletsBuild your own personalized Dream locket! A Dream locket is a glass locket that can be twisted open so that you can personalize it with your personalised charms. Choose from the bracelet, medium locket and large locket and create your own personalized piece of jewelry that tells your story.

Our lockets are stone setted and very strong with a face that can be twisted and opened. Our charms are of high quality and handcrafted 1.5mm thick and solid, you will not find these kinds of charms with this quality anywhere else Let's start creating your dream locket...

Step 1: Select which locket you would like, you have a choice of the medium 30mm Dream locket necklaces that fit 4-6 charms, the large 35mm Dream locket necklaces that fit 6-8 charms and the 25mm Dream locket bracelets that fit 2-3 charms.

Step 2: Once you have selected your locket, you can start personalizing and adding your charms, we also have birthstone charms where you can fit multiple stones in the locket to either add colour or collect one for each family member's birth month.

Step 3: We will place your charms inside your locket assembled for you so you can starting showing off your new personalized bling!
Dream Locket Necklace  - Belle Fever 1
20% Off
$39.00 $49.00
$39.00 $49.00
Do you know the best place to keep a Dream Locket? Close to your heart. That's why I was designed. My stunning frame sparkles and...
Sparkling Dream Locket Bracelet
11% Off
$39.00 $44.00
$39.00 $44.00
Hi there! I'm the Sparkling Dream Locket Bracelet (Medium). I'm super-stylish and very trendy. I'm even more unique when you pop your favorite gems and...