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Behind the scenes of a beautiful photo 📷

Have you ever looked back at photos of loved ones and wished that you could hold onto those moments forever?

We offer our personalised photo tags at Belle Fever as a special way to commemorate special occasions. Every tag is made by hand with love and care, ensuring that your photo will remain forever frozen in time.

Custom Photo Dog Tag Necklace

We recently helped one of our customers to capture an important moment in her life. To make sure her grandfather was with her on her special day, she wanted something very special to present to him. We helped designed a custom photo tag for her that included a picture of him, which she attached to her flower bouquet as she walked down the aisle. 

We were so excited to make it for her!

Custom Photo Dog Tag Necklace

Wouldn't it be great if you could have such a memory for every important event in your life? What if you could wear a necklace that could capture a moment in time?

Custom Photo Dog Tag Necklace

It would be our pleasure to help you capture your own special moments. Learn more about how personalised photo tags can help you preserve memories for a lifetime by contacting us


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