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We adopted a kitten!

I thought I'd share with you a recent experience with my daughter. Meet our newest family member, Garfield (named after the cartoon cat, of course). I've attached a picture so you can see the cutest face ever. 

Single Paw Print Charm for Keyring

We went to a cat cafe as my daughter has really wanted a cat for a very long time. We decided to visit Catmosphere, which rehomes cats that are neglected and are unwanted.

Single Paw Print Charm for Keyring

We fell in love with a ginger coloured kitten and decided to adopt her, so now we have 4 dogs, 3 fish and, a kitten as part of our family :)

Just like our dogs, she now has a personalised tag on her collar made especially for her.

Single Paw Print Charm for Keyring

She's absolutely gorgeous and settling in just fine, getting used to her new home and, has already started to boss the older dogs we have lol.

How many pets do you have at your home?


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