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Why should girls have all the fun? Belle Fever has some great pieces for men. Traditionally, the average man has not flaunted too much in the way of jewellery, however modern times have brought in an appreciation of jewellery including pendants, rings and bracelets.

In the way of jewellery, traditionally men were keeping things more conservative with a watch, class ring and/or a wedding band if married. According to About Style, earrings were once a viewed as sign of rebellion and gold or platinum chains were reserved for the music scene. Those days have come and gone and now many men have an appreciation of jewellery. Pendants are a stable popular item to adorn the neck and generally carry an urban look and feel, while Dog Tags remain a popular look.

And since more men now adorn themselves with accessories, it is important to know that you are making the intended statement with your various man-baubles. It is important to keep in mind whether you are accessorizing for a formal shin dig or a more casual situation. Belle Fever has a great variety to choose from! Here’s just a quick selection:

See these and much more in our special Belle Fever male collection.


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