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Who are you this Mothers Day

What a week it has been! I’m not usually the one to vent out, but this week truly has tested my limits and shown me how strong I am when I have to be.

In light of mother’s day my prediction for the mother’s day sale we just held went above and beyond what I had expected. This is an amazing feeling as it means that we are reaching more people and are able to capture a piece of their lives in their special moment. However, because I under estimated the number of orders and timing of the sale, everyone at Belle Fever had to work around the clock to get all the special moments created, packaged and sent out. This week has been extremely exhausting and far passed Christmas orders. While we all love creating your moments at Belle Fever, we also took away some very important lessons and mistakes that we encountered during this time to better improve our planning and service going forward.

I find that our mother’s day theme of “I am” was very fitting in the situation I faced. I learned who I am when I have what may seem an unrealistic deadline, who I am when I still have my daily business responsibilities, who I am as a team player with all the Belle Fever staff and business builders, who I am as a mother of my 4 children and who I am as me (oh and my pomeranian had her little pups that we have been waiting for 🙂

So because of this experience I would like to thank YOU! Thank you for trusting us to capture and create your special moment, thank you for sharing your love of Belle Fever with others (which has caused this growth), thank you for your continued support and a very personal thank you for making me a stronger person through this experience 🙂

From all the team at Belle Fever, we would love to wish you and all the special ladies in your life a Happy Mother’s Day filled with love and joy.


Your Chief Moment Maker,


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