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Whats that smell

To my surprise I received a lovely gift in the mail of an essential oil blend made uniquely for me. I was quite excited as I had read and heard about the benefits of essential oils but haven’t quite tried any, so when this came as a gift in the mail I was excited.

Another reason why I was excited, was because I wanted to try it on the new ‘Her Scents’ locket. I have always placed my sweet smelling perfumes in mine, but never tried any essential oils uniquely made for me in it. I have always loved wearing perfume but didn’t like how it stained my shirts or caused itchy rashes so the ‘Her Scents’ locket was designed to allow me (and others) to wear perfumes or essential oils without any skin contact and enjoy the benefits.

So how does it work you ask? Simple!

  • Twist and unscrew the face of the locket and reveal a colored scent pad
  • Add your perfume or essential oil to be absorbed by the scent pad
  • Add a coin insert for style (these are interchangeable)
  • Twist the face of the locket back on and enjoy the benefits of your essential oil or perfume

Do you have a favorite essential oil blend or perfume? You too can wear it with the ‘Her Scents’ locket.


PS As a part of our specialty, the face of the locket and the back of the locket can be inscribed with your special message and names as well as the coin inserts being interchangeable, making this locket truly personalized for you. It also comes with a set of scent pads 😉


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