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We all love jewellery, but sometimes we can get confused or overwhelmed with all the choices and options we have. A selection of tones, inscriptions, symbols, and designs can sometimes distract us from the true meaning of the jewellery piece we are creating. For now let’s put aside the jewellery options and have a look at the top 5 designs that every girl wants (and secretly needs)!

1.  My Family Tree Necklace

The My Family Tree Necklace is the perfect design for those with a growing family. We have created this design for mostly mothers and grandmothers as it has a lot of room to fit children and grandchildren. Can’t decide between the silver and gold? Then why not create a two tone.

2.  Name Necklace

This is a classic. There is no excuse for not having this design of jewellery. A name necklace is the most personalized piece of jewellery everyone should have and is suitable for any age. The name necklace is for every occasion and will serve you for many years to come. A priceless investment.

3.  Dream Locket

If you haven’t taken notice of the dream lockets, you need to. Get them on a long chain to compliment any outfit while keeping those nearest and dearest to you. Create and personalize charms any way you like. They are great for every day or to add some bling on those nights out.

2.  Memory Necklace

The Memory Necklace is the most treasured keepsake anyone who has a lost love can have. Carry not only a personalized inscription of your loved one, but place inside the canister a token of remembrance inside. Being waterproof and safe means that your most treasured moment can be close to your heart at all times.

5.  Endless Bangle

You can be sure to feel inspired every time you look down at this stunning bangle. Personalize your bangle with your life motto for a confidence boost when you need it, or feel a sense of pride while you carry your loved ones name on this stylish piece.


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