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Children are growing up and they want to establish their independence. They are becoming full human beings and they want to show you that they are growing up even though they still need your help. It’s important to try to keep an even temper. The terrible twos can be very trying for parents and caregivers and it’s a stage of development where a child is going through a tumultuous torrent of changes similar to teenage years. There are emotional and motor skills changes and your child will most likely be frustrated because they want to be independent and move like an adult, speak like an adult and articulate their feelings, but they cannot due to inexperience and limited mobility and thought processes. They are not yet used to having feelings and being an individual and they struggle with their need to rely on adults and their need to be an individual.

According to Doctor Jay L. Hoeker, MD., it is important to stay calm while your child is having a tantrum, and show him or her love and respect so they know that they are loved and cared for and that their feelings are respected. Tantrums can also be the result of a child not knowing how to express themselves properly. Teaching your child the language skills that they need to do this might help get to the root cause of the tantrum.

Your behavior is critical during temper tantrums, see them as a milestone of development and remain calm when they are occurring. Make sure that you treat the child with respect, and make sure that they don’t hurt themselves. Think of it as being similar to a seizure and try not to take anything personally, after all they are doing it because they can’t help it. How do you react to your child’s tantrums?


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