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Say Thank You To A Teacher

An area that we often hear about is when the family make-up changes and increasingly we have BFFs designing special pieces to capture the essence of a blended family.

One of our BFFs recently started Neo You helping people to navigate the tricky path from divorce through to new relationships and then to blended families and that really got us thinking about this topic. The Belle Fever Heart Puzzle is an idea of how to join all of the family members together through a beautiful and symbolic piece of jewellery.

Some of the key tips that

Neo You provides:
  • Make sure that all ‘rules and expectations’ are discussed beforehand and what compromises will need to be made. For example, if dinner is always eaten in front of the TV and then suddenly the rule is no TV and dinner at the table, this will cause confusion if not explained carefully.
  • Remember that if children from both previous relationships are being brought together if will take time for them to adjust to each other and not just a new Step-Mum or Dad.
  • Think about how you can bring the family together (perhaps through a piece of jewellery such as the Belle Fever Heart Puzzle) particularly if you decide to marry again.
  • Really consider your financial situation and have honest and frank discussion about how bills are split, whether joint accounts are needed etc.
  • Don’t forget to update your will to reflect your changed circumstances and what your new wishes are.

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