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Our story should be told

We all have a story and our story should be told, not because we want to be known or because it’s better than other stories but because our stories can inspire, motivate or comfort those in need.

When I received a message from a customer named Kath who shared her story with me, it was a story that I would never forget and would also share with others who were hurting or needed hope after the loss of a baby. When Kath ordered the name bracelet with the name Melinda and asked for the flowers to be replaced with angels wings, we hadn’t done that before but we were happy to try it and created one for her, since then we have now offered a range of ornaments so that other people can have one that represents their story. Kath’s story was a sad story but an inspirational one, as she found closure and a way to keep her baby close to her heart. This was her message:

“My daughter Melinda was stillborn at nearly 39 weeks 8 weeks ago yesterday. I found it incredibly hard to take off my hospital band as it showed the world that something major had happened. The only external sign that my baby existed as I couldn’t carry her in my arms for the world to see. Then I found this bracelet on your page and it is perfect. The world can see my angel always. I thought you might enjoy this photo taken by my husband at the royal Melbourne show. I love how this jewellery piece gives us an opportunity to involve our angel in family outings Thank you. Xx”

This message was accompanied with a photo of of her hand holding a snake at the show wearing her name bracelet.

No matter what your story is in your life, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. You never know the impact your story might have on someone’s life.

It’s your turn…



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