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Jewellery That Stacks Up

One of the latest trends in the jewellery world is referred to as stacking. This can be seen everywhere from the high fashion magazines to the bohemian music festivals. However, many people are not quite sure the best way to create their own perfect combination of stacked jewellery.

The most commonly stacked jewellery pieces are bangles and bracelets. You do not have to match metals and colors. Feel free to mix and match bronze, gold and silver for a tri-metal look that is edgy and versatile.

Try mixing different sizes and materials. For example, mixing beads or wood with metal or mixing thick cuffs with thin bracelets provides an excellent contrast.

The only rule in stacking bracelets is that there really are not any rules. All you do is choose a few of your favorite pieces and wear them. Deciding on the order you want to put them on will take a little trial and error, but there really is no wrong way.

A magnificent addition to stacked bracelets is a statement ring. However, you can stack your favorite rings for an even better look. Layer rings on a single finger or fill your hands with all your favorites. Add some earrings of a dominant color to polish off your look.

In addition to stacking jewellery on fingers and arms, layering necklaces is also a very trendy look. You can reinvent any outfit by adding one or more necklaces. Just like with stacking bracelets, contrast works great with necklaces as well. Mix and match a combination of various lengths and metals. For a more dramatic look, just add more necklaces.

The most exciting thing about stacking jewellery is the opportunity to be creative and wear a wide variety of your favorite pieces all at the same time. Play around with stacking by mixing old pieces with new, thin with thick and gold with silver. Be inspired to try new things because there is no set guideline to follow when it comes to stacking.

Stacking is the ideal way to make a statement with all of your favorite accessories. Wear stacked jewellery with intention and be bold with the choices that you make. When you just cannot decide on which pieces of jewellery that you want to wear with your favorite outfits, take the plunge and wear them all. Even the simplest pieces in your jewellery box can make a major statement when stacked in just the right way.


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