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It’s such a lovely sight seeing the beautiful art work made by children, and it’s an even wonderful feeling helping the parents capture those precious moments and memories of their children while they are little.

When one of our Business Builder’s approached us on behalf of their customer, to create their child’s drawing into jewellery it was a challenge but something our team was excited to take on. The customer sent through a photo of their child’s drawing and our designers got to work. Once the designers prepared the design, we began to hand cut each drawing into jewellery, which was truly personalized for the customer and it turned out amazing.

My daughter Isabella, who just turned 5, saw one of the the drawings and decided to draw our family picture and gave it to me asking me if I could make her’s into a necklace. I saw in her eyes how proud and happy she felt when I told her “of course”. So while I am in the process of doing that, I plan to place it inside a frame together with her drawing (I will send a picture and post it on Facebook when it’s done). I started wondering if my drawings as a child were similar to her’s when I was 5… I guess I’ll never know.

There is such a short window of time when our children first draw their family picture, I wish I had kept my boy’s drawings and turned them into jewellery so I could frame them. It would make a great gift for when they are older or even a nice frame to put up in their first home or to show their kids when the time comes.

Let’s not miss the chance to capture cherished moments in life that we would like to remember and carry with us.



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