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I finally know the feeling

I’m part of an amazing business group with a coach that helps me stay on track and focus on what’s important. The past couple of days, we have had our business retreat where we can work on our businesses rather than in them so that we can make sure we see the bigger picture 🙂

So I received an order from my business coach who was looking for a way to make her group feel exclusive and give them a gift that they could add to with every achievement and award they earned from the program. She decided the Dream Locket bracelet would be perfect, and added an initial charm and a little diamond stone to represent the level the group was at.

During the retreat I brought them with me and gave them to her all packed in a gift box and a gift bag. As she presented them, she approached me and also gifted me with one, I am surrounded everyday with the pieces but the feeling I got as she presented me with her gift was something I had not personally experienced before as no one has ever bought a Belle Fever design and gifted me with it. It’s a little hard to explain and some of you are probably thinking I’m a little odd right now since I create the jewellery everyday; but it was a feeling that I hadn’t actually experienced before. Her gift to me represented her thoughtfulness, an achievement that I was part of that diamond level, the excitement of being able to strive towards the next levels that will let me get more charms to place in my bracelet to mark the achievement, and the sentimental element of the gift being personalized with my initial.

I was able to personally experience what each BFF felt as they received their gift and how special and sentimental the gift is. The memory that each piece represents, whether it’s the memory of the birth of a new baby, the memory of achieving something great, the memory of the day you found love or the memories left by a loved one who has passed.

I have said it so many times, but I am honored to be a part of creating and capturing that memory for you, and thank you for trusting me and our team. I know that we aren’t perfect as we are all humans and sometimes things can go wrong, but if that does ever happen, reach out to us and we will definitely try our best to make it right 🙂



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