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Emotion memory and sentimental value is locked

As much as I love spending time with the kids, school holidays are really hectic when it comes to having 4 kids at home while trying to get work done so I feel really blessed that I have such a wonderful team that work really hard to keep customers happy.

This week my kids went back to school so I have been catching up on everything and I had one of the girls at the office share this beautiful message with me.

“I have the silver ring with the gold tree. I bought it for my mum in 2014. I had Mum and Dad and us five children’s names written around the edge and on the tree there are nine grandchildren and great grandchildren’s names and on the trunk is the year I had it made. My mum treasured this up until her passing late in April this year. I wanted the necklace to go with mum to heaven but in the end decided to keep it as a family heirloom for years to come. So now I am treasuring it”.

Losing a loved one will always be painful and will leave an empty space in our hearts, but celebrating the life and the treasured moments that were shared will bring a sense of peace and happiness. I am really touched to be able to create something that can carry so much emotion, memory and sentimental value. It’s stories like these that make everyone at Belle Fever HQ love our work.



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