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Designed for a wedding

Share your special day

Are you getting married?

Not sure how to thank those involved?

That’s OK. As a bride-to-be you’re inundated with choice, so it can be difficult to begin making decisions about your big day, and difficult to find what you want.

Let us make this one


Before you start, think about the following:

  • Who do you want to thank? Your bridesmaids? Your mother? Don’t feel like you need to find a gift that is a one size fits all. Opt for a style that you know suits the person you are gifting.
  • What message do you want? If you want to make a meaningful piece, go for a nice quote with details of your special day. Go without names or dates. Or somewhere in between — names, dates and a quote with your own unique twist.
  • Which design would be ? If the message is long, consider the Love Forever. If it’s to remember the special details of the day, consider a charm.

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