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It's time for a change



The time has come for my mother to make a change.

Since she doesn't often get to see her grandchildren, she hasn't taken off her Tree of My Life Necklace because she feels like they're always with her.

Tree of My Life Necklace

I decided to create her an Endless Ties necklace with all the names and birthstones of all her grandchildren. The Endless Ties design is our latest design and the chain is a stylish chain that is in trend now. Suitable for any outfit, it can also be worn on a night out as well as for everyday wear.

Endless Ties Necklace

The possibility of adding additional name charms as the family grows is one of my favourite things about this design. Since my sister wants to expand her family as well, and my other sister is yet to do so as well, I believe that this will be a perfect gift for my mother.

Endless Ties Collection

There is no doubt that she will love it just as much as her Tree of My Life Necklace, and I am looking forward to seeing her reaction to it.



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