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Cathy's Miracle Rainbow Babies 🌈

As a personalised jewellery handcrafter, Mother's Day can occasionally be the most difficult and painful time of year as it is a reminder of what has passed or what has been lost. However, I am blessed with customers who share their stories of hope, love, and miracles with me, and I would love to share one with you today with their permission.

From five miscarriages to a mother of three, Cathy was trying to conceive for so many years and she remembers the mixed feelings she felt when friends and family around her became parents. While she was happy for them, she also felt that she was trying to distance herself from them without even realising it. It dawned on her that she was declining to go to the park, have dinner, or just hang out with them. Despite trying IVF for many years, she had suffered five miscarriages and began to lose hope of conceiving. The story of rainbow babies touched her heart, and she wanted to believe she would be one of them, but she was too emotionally and physically exhausted to try IVF again. For her, Mother's Day was a painful reminder, especially since her last miscarriage happened on Mother's Day.

Cathy decided to adopt a child a couple of years later. A week before Mother's Day, 2018, she would introduce her to her grandmother (Cathy's mother) and the rest of her family. She also requested for us to create a Tree of My Life Washer Birthstone Necklace with the names of all her grandchildren for the occasion.

Tree of My Life Washer Birthstone Necklace

Gifting her mother the necklace and introducing her daughter were both memorable events for her. For many years, this day was a painful one. Now, it is a day of love.

We heard from Cathy again this year, and she wanted to add two more names to the necklace because she recently had twins, which she describes as "miracle rainbow babies."

I hope you find hope, comfort, and love in Cathy's story.

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