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More than just a family of 4?

There are many customers who ask if we have a design that can accommodate the many members of their family that they wish to hold close to them.

Earlier this week, we had a gentleman looking for a gift for his daughter and five nieces, each with matching keepsakes so that they would have something special to keep as they grow up and pursue different paths, since they all graduated high school last year.

As part of the free design preview, we created an 8-name design for him so he could see what other designs we had that he may like, and he instantly fell in love and connected with our Personalised Leather Bracelet. So much so that he created a matching one for his wife.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

You can easily add charms of silver, gold and rose to the Personalised Leather Bracelet at any time and it is suitable for both males and females, adults and children.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

Some bracelets we have created tell a story, carry a message and others hold love ones dear and symbolise a bond of friendship and family.

Personalised Leather Bracelet

So, if you are looking for a design for yourself or as a gift, the Personalised Leather Bracelet could be what you need. Get a free design preview of your charms by letting us know or take advantage of our buy one get one free promotion.

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