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Is someone you know or you suffering from acne?

Parenting can be difficult when you feel helpless, especially if things are beyond your control.

In his first year of high school, my oldest son was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Instead of telling him what I knew, I inscribed it on the Always Remember Bracelet he could wear as a reminder to himself whenever he needed it. Though he covered it on his wrist with his jumper, I know that whenever he needed to feel more confident he rolled it back and read it.

Always Remember Personalised ID Bracelet

As the years went by, he developed acne on his face, as many teenage boys do. Seeing this made me feel helpless again, as it affected his confidence. The doctor prescribed tablets and an ointment, but none of them worked. We tried so many different face products and they didn’t work either, in fact, some made it worse because he reacted badly to chemicals and some harsh ingredients.

The first thing I did was research natural ingredients and which ones could prevent acne and treat it. Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Star Anise, and Frankincense were a few of the ingredients I compiled. To make my own cleanser and moisturiser, I researched ingredients and began to formulate them. I tested them on him, my family, friends, and myself and adjusted where necessary, my kitchen became like a chemistry lab quickly! His acne slowly cleared up over time, and he no longer had any new breakouts. He also no longer had any blackheads. For a while, I just made it for him, my family, and friends. In order to officially formulate the product at a lab, as well as go through all testing and dermatological testing, I decided last year to go through this process. We were delighted to learn the formulation passed the tests, was dermatologically approved and had been hailed as "one of the best they've ever seen." It is suitable for all skin types and ages, and extremely gentle on the skin.

Is someone you know or you suffering from acne?

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